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Algae Biodiesel Information

Algae are photosynthetic organisms that are neither plant, animal or fungi and occur in habitats, ranging from freshwater and marine to hot boiling springs and snow and ice. As members of the Protista kingdom they range in size from 1 micrometer to the giant kelps of the eastern Pacific that grow to more than 60 meters in length. The US Algal Collection maintains over 300,000 inventoried herbarium specimens with more being discovered. Algae are the food base for almost all aquatic life, and provides much of the Earth’s oxygen. Some species of algae can produce up to 60% of their dry weight in the form of oil that have many uses.

Algae Biodiesel Production
The U.S. Department of Energy’s Aquatic Species Program 1978–1996, focused on producing Biodiesel from microalgae. The final report suggested that Biodiesel could be a viable method by which to produce enough fuel to replace current world diesel usage using Nannochloropsis oculata algae.

Lipids (oil) from algae are similar to oils produced by conventional oil seed crops and contain chemicals called triglycerides, composed of a central glycerol unit with three fatty acids attached. Chemically, algae lipids are similar to petroleum as both groups of chemicals are based on carbon and hydrogen.

The Cycloporinator Flocculation Algae Harvester electromagnetically conditions algae to float for easy harvesting.

The process of converting algae oil to Biodiesel is the same as with any conventional vegetable oil, lowering the viscosity of oil by removing the glycerol. We refer to this process as “transesterification,” meaning splitting the triglycerides with with sodium methoxide, separating the glycerol (which will settle), the remaining fatty acid solution of methyl esters is Biodiesel, ready to be cleaned and polished.

Cycloporinator Flocculation Algae Harvester

Production: 7,200 Gallons of algae media processed each 24 hours.

Power: 2 – 8v DC

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