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Consumer Biodiesel

B-60 Consumer Biodiesel kit

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B-60 Consumer Biodiesel Kit


The B-60 Consumer Biodiesel kit is the easiest Biodiesel processor to use, and with 60 minutes of assembly time these Biodiesel kits will allow you to safely produce 45 gallon batches of Biodiesel effortlessly!

Florida Biodiesel, Inc. provides our exclusive heating system the “External Heat Exchanger” to heat the oil safely before and during the conversion process.

Our Cyclonic mixer is 100 times more efficient than using a pump alone!

The tanks have a lifetime warranty, the balance of the system has a 1 year warranty.

B-60 Consumer Biodiesel Kit Features:

  • 60 gallon reaction/separation/wash tank
  • 15 gallon methoxide mix tank
  • 330 gallon per hour heavy duty Biodiesel mixing pump
  • SS temp gauge
  • External Heat Exchanger
  • Cyclonic Mixer
  • Hardware installation kit
  • Digital scales
  • Safety Kit (goggles, apron, & gloves)
  • Complete instructions
  • Dry wash system available!


B-60 Dry Wash Filter


B-60 Dry Wash Filter

The B-60 Dry Wash Filter is a one pass filter designed to be used with one pound of any Ion Exchange Resin.

One pound of any Ion Exchange Resin will clean 300 gallons of Biodiesel at the rate of one half gallon per minute.

Using this filter at the recommended flow rate will assure ASTM spec Biodiesel