Florida Biodiesel, Inc. is a world leader in Biodiesel technology.

Puckett Attendance Center Will Produce Biodiesel In The Classroom With Renewable Energy Equipment.

Written by admin on May 05, 2014

Florida Biodiesel, Inc. has delivered a B-60 Biodiesel Processor to Puckett Attendance Center, MS. The Biodiesel production equipment will be used in the classroom to begin instructing students on green fuel technologies.

Puckett Attendance Center has chosen the B-60 Biodiesel processor as their hands-on educational tool to demonstrate to students how to produce renewable energy. “The students will process recycled oil they collect into Biodiesel fuel for use in school vehicles,” says Victor Garlington, Director of Client Services at 70CentsaGallon.com. “The B-60 is very safe to use and great for students to learn Biodiesel basics and Green Fuel production.”

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Florida Biodiesel, Inc. is a world leader in Biodiesel technology. Florida Biodiesel, Inc. was founded in 2006 to provide consumers and commercial operators cost efficient Biodiesel production equipment. The company has made many innovative contributions to the Biodiesel industry including the safety external heat exchanger, cyclonic mixer, methanol recovery module, and the AUTOBIO Biodiesel plant automation system. To learn more about Florida Biodiesel, Inc. please visit http://www.floridabiodieselinc.com, email info@floridabiodieselinc.com or call (727) 678-0073.