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B-500 Ion Exchange Towers Delivered To Port Energy.

Written by admin on March 20, 2012

Florida Biodiesel, Inc. has completed a B-500 Ion Exchange Tower sale, made by Port Energy. The Biodiesel post production equipment will be used to demonstrate economical high speed cleaning and polishing. This new technology can lower the filtering requirements of Biodiesel plants by 5%.

The B-500 Ion Exchange Tower is designed to be used in pairs as a “lead” tower and a “lag” tower. Each Ion Exchange Tower holds 880 pounds of any Ion Exchange Resin, and has a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute. Alternative Biofuel production facilities can employ the B-500 Ion Exchange Tower, a passive device requiring no power to enhance their Biodiesel filtering capabilities, reducing production costs, and is ideal for all sized Biodiesel operations.

“The Florida Biodiesel, Inc. B-500 Ion Exchange Tower is a significant advance in Biodiesel technology. Our inline passive filter can reduce costs of meeting ASTM specifications for Biodiesel by 5%,” says W. Gehrs President of Florida Biodiesel, Inc. “The resulting savings in filtering and polishing expenses can make a real difference in a Biodiesel production plant’s bottom-line.”

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